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:: it was the best day of my lifeexcept for meeting you babe:: Bells were made either from folding a sheet of iron or bronze into a square or round beehive shape and fixing it with rivets or by casting a similar shape in bronze:: the blow almost severed his head from his body:: A sterile towel should not be used by a person in sterile attire to adjust glasses or wipe his or her brow :: For example people dance play musical instruments act in plays and play with dolls and model trains:: Part of the intestine bulges where the femoral vein and artery pass from the top front of the thigh:: Because of the lightness and grace of the movements the martial art is cunningly disguised as dance:: She handles it gracefully telling those who oppose her that the church has room for debate:: This exercise strengthens the back extensors gluteals quadriceps hamstrings and core abdominal muscles:: Never check in the laptop as luggage keep it with you as hand baggage:: A simple analogy or a homely metaphor does the trick to invite the reader to share his views opinions judgement and comments:: No more though they began to cry for mercy as the school collectively recoiled from the piercing sound that had broken the silence:: The film treats him as a complicated character both repugnant in a grueling scene he confesses his problem to his own young son and pathetic but not particularly gay even in code:: They pretended to be tough but really they just used their number lack of following rules and repulsiveness against people:: Grabbing a cube of ice a pair of scissors and her threaded needle she returned to her patient:: An alcoholic and suicidal ad executive finds himself in a dive where a sleek girl in yellow is the cynosure of all the rowdy dancers:: Your rotator cuff is made up of the muscles and tendons in your shoulder
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