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:: Once the boat has tacked the jib will be aback :: A faint air of hopelessness overcomes McWhorter as our conversation winds down:: The only majorleague acts yet to take the bait are the Smiths the Jam and the Police but its only a matter of time:: At the time the market was bullish about the firms earnings and sales growth prospects:: These are the best days of training with good friends and without a care in the world:: She just kinda looked at me as though I was crazy to think she would slide down that thing again:: By day I was glued to my walkman walking round in a daze listening to the show:: Mr Rogers said last spring he stopped an attempt by the council to chop the tree down and believed it was now safe:: When I called the tiny forlorn figure sat up and reached out towards us:: It just looked like greed and a wilful desire to drive the few remaining little shops out of business:: Dennis groped his greedy hands over the box of food that Adrian had kept so securely beside him:: A common lament of many Waterloo students is the lack of a local music scene:: they man the lifeboat:: Players will speed through tracks that twist turn loop corkscrew shoot upward drop off dead end and more:: She is making her weekly trip into Wellington for a spot of shopping:: public unease about defense policy:: After years of keeping quiet it is time to find his voice time to send out echoes into the uneasy silence:: Glass beads on Maasai necklaces are strung onto thin commercial wire :: Your body pumps out adrenaline and you feel all wired and shaky:: Some economists have questioned the wisdom of such a large investment the BBC said
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